Self centered central

That’s right! It’s about me! Right here! Right now!



ok, now that that’s over.

My name is Brian. I’m using WordPress to take up some of my time and also document my life. Why? Not because it’s increasingly interesting. Not because it can get complicated or dramatic. Not because it can be amazing. At least, none of those suggestions by themselves but rather just to keep tabs on myself.

That’s what I said. Keep tabs on myself.

I find that I think the most clear when i write. So, if I feel better after writing then I’m gonna write. I know I don’t have a wonderful grasp of grammar and I certainly don’t have a powerful command of words but I do enjoy writing and that’s all that matters. So that’s why I’m here.


I’m also here because some friends have suggested blogging about different aspects of my life, homebrewing beer being probably the biggest request. So, that’s another reason why I’m here. But mostly for myself. Get over it.



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