The rantings of a DM

Hello all! If you’ve spent any amount of time enjoying a game of Dungeons and Dragons of any edition, or if you enjoy reading about the exploits of adventurers and the evil they encounter (or find themselves loathing in…) then read on! So, gather ’round, all ye who desire adventure! Gather ’round, he who longs for the thrill of the sword and she who thrills for the long of the sword! For the legends told here are filled with Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Goblins, Dragons, gold, jewels, good, evil, sexual innuendos, cut throat dealings, addictions, praying your deity hears your cry of mercy as your team is being slaughtered by a ravenous and bloodthirsty band of overpowered creatures ….you know, a basic DnD session.

As a DM (Dungeon Master) I will be including some of my personal files here for others to enjoy also. I’ve created maps (both over world and cities), recorded multi-lingual sound bytes for flavor, and also incorporated extras such as props. I know there’s a lot of great information out there already, but I would like to share my experiences as a DM and maybe catalog my skills (or lack thereof) for better games in the future. So, take what you will and say what you must, but this is my playground. Don’t like it? Roll for initiative. Also, -2 to your roll.

Also, as aforementioned, I would like to keep a story posted for entertainment purposes. So to do that I will start the saga of my own character whom I will introduce in the coming days. I can’t tell you much about him yet, though he is not like any other character I’ve played before and it will take me some time to learn how to use him and his strengths correctly. But, I will be recording his exploits here in his own tongue.



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