The Desolation of Anus

I’m sure the title of this page has your interests peaked. Funny story. I was feeling particularly lazy this one day, used a generated world map complete with features, cities, and location names….including this one desert/barren area which the generator would name “The Desolation of Anus”.


This map is for a Pathfinder homebrewed campaign and after a couple sessions I knew they would need locations to explore like cities and caves and mountains and possible gold hoarding dragons to steal from or work with or whatever. It just so happens one of the characters is a member of a sect that …well….let me just say, they are called the Choadsworn….yeah. Some of the elements in my sessions get fun and crazy, but this is the most far-out-there name for a group of people belonging to a religion. I’ll let you have fun Googling choad if you are unfamiliar with the term, sorry for tainting your long browser history, hope you nail it on the head because the girth of the definition really shoots a load of information.

lol, perfect.

At any rate, this page is the home to that campaign. I’m pretty proud of myself for having taking notes for every session they’ve had so far, which I will be able to post here since I DM with my tablet and all my notes are on there, yay technology! So, if you’re reading the campaign updates regularly please feel free to add your comments and questions. Also, there will be posts containing maps on a somewhat regular basis showing the ebb and flow of the political, religious and demographics according to the world Thonevrond and how it pertains to the group. Enjoy!

Main Map:

Country Boarders Map 5/14/16:

Party Update 5/14/16: