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Homebrewing eBook on the way!

Lately I’ve been writing an eBook on the subject of homebrewing. I decided a few years ago that I needed to write my own spreadsheet (as I do for a lot of things because I love Excel….) that would act as a recipe generator/formulator. Knowing full well that others have written a few beautiful programs like BeerSmith, ProMash and others like them, I decided that I needed to do my own calculations because I wanted my beer to be calculated at my own hand. I did so with success, but it took years to get it to the point of actually being very usable. Years. I will spend more time perfecting it, I’m sure, but what I like about it is the amount of data that is collected in the spreadsheet. Based off the information I have available through various books, internet pages that I’ve favorited, magazine articles, and of course colleagues who have provided their experience over the years, I was able to compile an immense amount of calculations and formulas regarding every aspect of making beer at home. And then a little extra for good measure. What a spreadsheet! What an accomplishment! My magnum opus. My creme de la creme. I had finally done it. Something to be proud of, something I made with my own experiences and something I could share with everyone. 

Then it hit me, “What if someone else would like and all this data for their own calculations?” So I set out to write the biggest collection of brewing data, formulas and set of calculations I could imagine. I didn’t want to weigh it down with too much personal opinion, except where necessary, of course. Also, I’d want all that data sorted out by process step, so a chapter for mashing, one for boiling, another for fermenting, etc. And of course it would need a title. Something slightly tongue in cheek…

This is my shameless proclamation of the forthcoming title “The Grimoire of Homebrewing”. 

I’ve been writing it in my spare time and hope to have it finished before May 4th, National Homebrew Day. So please favorite this blog to keep up to date on it’s release. I guarantee you will be pleased with the amount of data, formulae, and calculations available.




Brewing eBook, with pictures!

Lately I’ve been working on writing an eBook for the first time homebrewer, something I am hoping will provide clear, concise instructions with plenty of pictures. A picture says a thousand words and I intend to say a lot!…through pictures, of course. Like, for instance, the basics about brewing all-grain beer with the tools you may have sitting at home with you now and, also, common mistakes to avoid. It will be a simple minded compendium and will have the reader in mind, but, with pictures! Maybe I will explain how to write your very first, original, all grain recipe. Maybe I will explain the issues I’ve run into when making my own beer. In fact, I will explain the issues I’ve run into when making my own beer and how I’ve improvised in the situation. And yes, there will be plenty of full page, full color, detailed pictures.


Like this one…oh boy, was that ever exciting!

In this situation I wasn’t sure if I should boil the entire thing or just pull the stock-pot-formed ice cube. Learn how it happened and what I did by reading the eBook and what consequences, good and bad, resulted from my actions.

Of course an eBook about brewing beer doesn’t have much interest to someone who is not interested in brewing their own beer. Fair enough. But what if I told you it’s not just about brewing beer?

It’s not?!?

No friend, it’s not! In fact it’s about all sorts of goodies associated with beer such as food pairings and even a recipe for a hair wash, among other things that I will hint towards closer to the release. In the mean time, here’s a picture of one of my last brews, poured and ready to be enjoyed!


Mmmm! Tasty!

Again, an original, all grain recipe. My friends really love this stuff. This is a….well, that’ll be in the book. I can’t tell you too much yet.

I guess I should start writing it now.