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A day with me, FAILED!

Okay, I started out with great intentions…we’ve all heard that before…but I couldn’t make it work out. I was asleep for part 2, at a wedding for part 3 and asleep, again, for part 4.

I learned that I won’t be doing anything like that for a while.
Just wanted to let you guys know.
What an embarrassing fail.


A day with me, part 1 of 4

Hey everybody, so I woke up this morning a little after 2am, talked with my girlfriend for a bit, and left a little late to work. I’ve been at work ever since 3am so I guess I’ll have more to update closer to 2pm, check back then! Or don’t. Whatever.

A day with me

Instead of writing a “how to” style piece, I’m just going to update you guys what I do in a day. I’ll start tomorrow when I wake up and stop keeping track when I go to bed. Stay tuned tomorrow! I will update every 6 hours with as much detail as I feel necessary, though I expect to turn over a few rocks throughout the day. Should turn out entertaining…