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Desolation of Anus party update 5/14/16

group went north of Parhyst to the Anvil mountains on a mission to clear the ruins of a great evil
-met a Centaur (Daom) and took his home by killing him
-3 Centaurs met on the road from the Anvil mountains to Parhyst, they were heading towards the Anvil mountains
– The group meets a small group of Goblins and lose Archiballs to the Goblins archers
-Archiballs comes back to life and meets the group as they travel towards Dedon, meeting them about 20 miles out of town. He reports a sighting of about 8 Dire Wolves quickly traveling towards the group
-Decided to continue on after no presence of the Dire Wolves
-Traveled through the night and made camp
-Petunia cries out to anyone listening, Benhart sends prayer to Pharasma (undead slayer diety)
-Balzak kills Archiballs after Petunia’s Undead check successfully identifies Archiballs as an undead creature
-Vorpal (an old man, cloaked) is interested in Archiball’s dead body and is an agent of Barbatos, the archdevil who holds the keys to hell
– The group comes across 5 sleeping Hobgoblins and Jaqx is able to Coup de Grace one of the Hobgobs while Auroboros bites one but fails to kill him. Battle ensues leaving Jaqx and Benhart unconsious and dying until the end of combat
– A small chest is found at the site of the Hobgolins, Jaqx jams the lockset with his lockpick even after an otherwise successful thievery check
– A chode has been collected from the obliterated Hobgolin
– The group takes an extended rest at the first inn they reach at Dedon where they receive excellent rest

AC: 17
HP: (10) 1
Init: 24

AC: 16
HP: (10) 1
Init: 20 – 2

AC: 17
HP: (9) 1

AC: 14
HP: (9) 9

AC: 15
HP: (11) 8

AC: 12
HP: (6) 6
*Seeks to complete the gender transformation


Thonevrond – Boarders 5/14/16

As of 5/14/16 the boarders of the “countries” in their current state. This will become a living map as countries war and expand/contract through political and/or religious influence, commercial needs, or military conquests.

Thonevrond 5-14-16halfcompressed


This is Thonevrond, a randomly generated map from where I frequent for random information when I’m feeling lazy or running out of time, which happens a lot more than I care to honestly admit. I will just post the main map for now, it’s filled with a lot of information already including cities, river names, mountain range names, and all sorts of other names. Thonevrond