As the ocean’s tide

There are moments in a life when we realize that things have changed. The tides of rage and love have risen or fallen, taking with them the memories of our times with the people we cherish and hate, sometimes burying them deep into the dark, sometimes bringing them to the light of day. Like the winds of a hurricane we feed into the anger with our jealousy, doubt, fear. We wonder why when everything around us is crashing to the ground. And then it hits us.


Then, at that moment, we know the truth. We understand why the ocean’s tide moves. We have gained insight, and it becomes apparent: the situation sucks. We withdraw, we lash out, we run away, we shut up, we don’t know what to do, we know exactly what we want to say but say nothing at all.  For no reason, but with plenty of reason. The emotion sickness has consumed us, and we are very sick.


But how do we get out of the negativity? How do we change the situation? Sometimes there isn’t a good answer. I think the best way to approach this is a desire to change the situation. Of course, we can’t change other people, but, we can impress on them a different point of view of ourselves. So in essence, we can change the world around us, through hard work, determination, and commitment and the willingness to change ourselves. I believe it was Ghandi that said “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Obviously, his view was for a much larger portion of the world, but I believe this is perfect for the smaller portions of the world that we all arrive in daily.

Be the change.

Dropping a negative view can be one of the most difficult things to do. It’s a habit. A very negative habit. The habit of constantly being negative due to fears, or at least due to the effects of deeply rooted and possibly hidden fear, just seems to draw on and empty our energies, both physical and emotional. It also empties the energies of those we care about and love which sends relationships into spirals, deepens fears, creates drama….etc, etc, etc. But it’s simply a habit. It was made, it can be broken!

Break the cycle. 



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