Fashion: sheer fails to obscure the hearts of many

Ok, so being a guy I realize I hold very little strength in an argument about fashion. Not just a guy. A nerdy-ish, country-ish, utilitarian type of guy. I find little use for today’s brand of fashion and hope that someday we will turn, once again, to the heavily functional, less sheer, collections as opposed to the sex appeal presented by the powers that be in the fashion industry who all want one thing and one thing only, your American Dollar. They don’t care what they have to do to get it, they want it and they will get it unless you fight back with modesty. Don’t flatter yourself just because that skimpy little black dress looks great, makes you feel sexy, and get’s the guy’s attention. I mean, attention is great, but is that the only reason you wear clothes? Believe me, there’s more to life, and if you spend it looking for attention you’ll die unhappy and feeling alone. Think about it. Not just for my opinion’s sake, either.

It’s for that reason that I abhor the “it’s see through, but you can’t see everything, just most everything, and my bra covers everything else, do you like my bra?” types of clothes that seem to have made their way into popular culture and everyday coverings. The over-the-top-flirty, “I don’t care”, and  generally promiscuous attitudes that project from these lingerie-esque tops make me sick. I see girls wearing these things all the time, and yes, they are actually a really nice shirt to wear over things like tank tops, even over creatively color coordinated t-shirts or other appropriately covering tops. However, it’s the bra or bandeau (…don’t get me started…a bandeau IS, for all intents and purposes, a bra!!!) alone with a sheer shirt that makes me cringe.

Way to go. You just gave an eyeful to the general public. You’ll never get that back. Thanks a lot for pushing the general sense of personal responsibility and class down a notch in the world. Now everyone can see what was meant for your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, and even if you aren’t to that point in your relationship, you will be someday and how then will you cope with dressing differently tomorrow with the habits you have built today? If you don’t take your relationship seriously, you’ll dress like an immature, young minded individual, so you will do nothing different and everyone will notice. Way to respect your relationship.

If you’re not in a relationship, you still have a responsibility to yourself and those around you. What kind of example do you want to set for the younger generation?!

For crying out loud.

You guys should do what you want. I’m not saying dress in sack clothes, cut square on all four corners. I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel sexy about what you’re wearing, even on a daily basis. I’m not even saying you should never wear a sheer shirt. I AM saying, modesty, time and place, appropriateness, think for yourself. Don’t let corporate clothing tell you what to wear. But please, do try to look a little harder in the mirror and ask “is this something I would want reflected upon myself in 5, 10, 15 years?” Your image, my friends. That’s what this is about. Get it?

That’s what I think. Don’t like it? Tough cookies.


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