It’s a job

So in my latest job hunt I was notified about a position that I didn’t have any training for. I brushed it off and ignored the job opening for a day, due to the fact that I had no current training in that position. However, I knew I needed a job if I was going to be the supportive and providing man I want to be to my girlfriend and to my son, and of course to our cats. Keeping the lights on and food on the table would take more than hopes and dreams. Reality had sunk in a while ago about the need for money, and, because of bills and debt. I despise the green stuff. But payola is how this world is run and I knew I needed some, fast.

Despite the notice about the job, I kept looking for other employers. I wasn’t an easy hire on the market. I had hopes and a standard, neither of which wanted to drop. I had planned to find something that maintained between 4-5 of my priorities:

1) High scheduling flexibility
2) At least $13 an hour
3) High job security, barring being a complete idiot
4) Not more than a 40 minute drive from home
5) Great benefits
6) NOT A FARM!!!

Well, you get the picture. I was asking quite a bit. A little unrealistic, to be honest. Even a little bratty!

It’s funny how humility can change your perspective and even your priorities. I couldn’t find a job that met the requirements I had laid out for myself, reality started to creep up like a cold November wind…

But that’s all in the past, for now, because I eventually called the farmer and inquired about the position, which to my surprise, he hired me on the spot at the interview!

I was reminded of a midwest, USA truth: there’s always work on a farm. I’m sure it’s a truth on farms, world wide, though it’s a phrase used here in the midwest to remind the children of the farmer that there’s no escape from the farm. So, even though I had no intention of working on a farm because I had grown up on one and never enjoyed the commitment it called for (24/7, your entire life, not kidding), I find myself thanking this farmer because he is helping me become the provider I want to be again by providing me with work. Something I actually missed, once I started. More about that, later.

Even though I never had a dream of farming, farming is helping me accomplish my dreams. Ah, irony. It’s very humorous. In a way.

It made me wonder: how many other people are working at a job they would rather not be at, but, stay at for their family? I bet it’s a higher percentage than 40%. Use the poll below to help me figure it out. Thanks!

Use this poll to help me determine the answer to my question!


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