Bathroom basics

So here’s the situation: I invite some friends over to enjoy a night of fun and games. They bring food, I provide the game, we all participate in the fun. Win, win. Until someone uses the bathroom, doesn’t flush the toilet, doesn’t wash their hands (the soap was still dry!), leaves the seat up and also the door open.


Yup. I thought 2013 had the small assurance that everyone was trying to stop diseases. Guess I was wrong. I guess some just don’t care. Well, I do care!
Ok, so for those of you reading this who haven’t been shown how to wash your hands properly I have included a few simple steps that clearly explain the proper execution.

Step 1) turn on water

Step 2) wet hands under warm running water

Step 3) apply soap and rub wet hands together, creating a lather

Step 4) sing the ABC’s. NOT fast! This shall provide an acceptable amount of time spent scrubbing.

Step 5) rinse hands with clean running water

Step 6) turn off water with elbows. This prevents germs from traveling back to your hands from the faucet handle.

Step 7) dry hands on clean towel

It isn’t that hard. Lather some soap, rinse, dry. It’s really simple! And it’s just plain rude to neglect this simple request, especially when you are the guest at someone’s home, a home that so MUCH time, energy, and money is spent to keep a permenant residence. I feel disrespected to the utmost in this situation. I would rather have been called some despicable name, falsely accused of a crime or been punched in the face before dealing with this!
Cleanliness truely is next to Godliness.



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