Fear and Love

Okay, let’s get something straight here, I’m not in any way a well learned man. I do not have a PHD or training in psychology. I’m going to say what I think is right and you can take it or leave it, ok?


There are many things in life that can take control of our lives, if we let them. Things, like, bad things. Bad things that want to destroy us. Bad things like negativity either from one’s self or from others, which eventually, becomes a poor self image, then depression, and possibly even worse. Situations in our lives that generate fear plant seeds of doubt in our minds and our hearts. Those seeds grow non-stop in all directions of the heart and all directions of the mind. It eats at our everything. Our base. Our cornerstone and our foundations. Our values become compromised when we give in to doubt and to fear. We find situations that sound like a great idea, even if we know deep down it’s only a temporary good feeling with a lasting consequence. When those one-off good feeling situations become annoying or burdensome, we find ourselves ensnared by emotion.
Emotions are good, this is true, and universally understandable. The language of the heart, I guess. But even a universal language can have it’s faults. For instance, emotions are very deceptive. Deception is a mode of fear which is a propellant of control. Control is destructive, unless it’s self control. I’m talking about other people/things/situations we allow to control us! There are many things in life that are destructive, but there are also things that are positive, constructive and helpful. If you have anything in your life that is destructive, be cautious! It only takes a second to make a poor decision, but it will cost you a lifetime of regret.

Think about the destructive things in your life. The bad things. The things that hurt you, are critical of you, lie to you, don’t take your word at face value, and aren’t patient with you. These bad things are usually found in most relationships to some degree and for some amount of time and can be triggered by a LOT of different reasons. If you are in a relationship with a negative, selfish, or destructive person just be patient with them. Show them love and acceptance for who they are. They are most likely not trying to be directly negative towards you or targeting you on purpose. There may be, and probably are, multiple reasons why someone would act/speak negatively towards someone that they love when it’s the furthest thing from their mind.
I used to be a negative person. I knew I would not be able to start a relationship with someone if I had such an unpleasent view of the world, and especially of myself. I started to work on my negativity and my poor self esteem before I met her, but, my girlfriend has helped me overcome a lot of my negative traits by loving and accepting me as I am.

I find that this is, by my lovely girlfriend’s wonderful example, a good way to deal with someone who is negative. Love and be loved. Isn’t that, after all, one of life’s greatest achievements, if not THE greatest achievement?

So, in conclusion, I believe it is possible to overcome your fears, doubts, poor self image, and depression simply by loving others and allowing other people to love us back. Talk with someone about negativity, don’t let the doubts and fears irritate you any longer.

Be positive. Be love. Be the change.


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