On the hunt, yet again…

This on again, off again job situation has really gotten under my skin. Since I’ve been let go from my engagement as a maintenance technician at a major children’s learning and daycare center corporation in October, I have found myself feeling desperate for work, desperate enough to scrape the bottom of barrels, pots and pans at a chain fast food joint. Speaking of scraping barrels, I believe I know what my next endeavor shall be, scrap metal. No, I’m not going to invent a new way to crush an empty soda can, and I’m not interested in building an army of repurposed junk yard ornaments (though, lucrative and whimsical it may be). No, those things are not in my future. Aside from building the rest of my brewing tower (keep a watch out for the posts to pile up when the warmer weather hits, I’ll be a brewing-tower-builder mad man), I will begin to recycle it all. Yes, that’s right. And we know why it’s good to recycle, don’t we? Of course it’s good for mother nature, and is responsible use of materials. But, did you know you get paid to recycle? You didn’t? Oh! Well then! Let me tell you!
You get paid to recycle. That’s me, telling you, like I said I would.
Search your local yellow pages for recycling yards, give them a call and ask their current prices on copper, aluminum, iron, brass….whatever it is you’ve got collected in the ‘ol garage/attic/basement/car trunk/storage or wherever it is you keep your junk.

Some things to keep an eye out for:
Old (but in working order) hinges, door knobs, cabinet pulls, etc. Anything that can be repurposed in a home. Especially if you can make complete sets. Some home builders specialize in reusing old pieces as accents. These home builders are looking for very specific pieces and will pay TOP dollar for anything that fits their wish list. Of course, happening across such items is like finding Aladdin’s lamp. Good luck.
Anything with wires. Take motors out of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and other appliances. Drills and saws all have motors too. There’s copper inside those things! Copper good. Lots of copper really good. Speaking of the copper, there’s copper in the electrical plug wires (the wires that plug into the outlet) just cut the wire from the back of the washer/dryer/fridge/etc. and throw it on the pile.
It’s worth mentioning, as it always is, that safety must be included in our endeavors. To some degree, at least.
It may be apparent to most of us already who’ve take electronics and appliances apart, but for those of you who aren’t aware of the dangers that lurk inside the plastic or metal housing of these convenience items, listen up! Pay attention to everything that your tools touch, one zap from a capacitor could send you flying. Even if the appliance (or anything for that matter) is unplugged, capacitors sore energy for a period of time, and that energy can be used however the law of electricity sees fit, even if that means including you in it’s next complete circuit. I’ve heard it only takes ¼ of an Amp to completely stop the human heart. A vacuum uses about 12 amps.
So, yeah. Be careful. Please.
I do not take liability for your actions, nor do I encourage anyone to tear apart, or disassemble electronics or anything else for that matter, for the purpose of selling the parts, either as a whole or a set of parts. Stupid is as stupid does. Don’t be stupid!

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