Mean what you say, please

Every so often I find myself on the receiving end of what I like to think of as the “Boomerang of Miscommunication”. This is the phrase I use to sum up the danger of saying something but meaning something else. If you’re not careful those words will come back and hit you in the head! So either:
1) Throw the boomerang correctly. Meaning, use the words that clearly state what you want to convey and can be understood, clearly. This makes it easier to catch the boomerang, or, make sure no one is hurt, unintentionally.
2) Duck! Sometimes after saying something stupid (aka, not what I meant to say), I try to dodge my way out of the conversation. Of course, karma usually catches up with me and reminds me that you can’t do that. So I’ve been avoiding this option.
3) Don’t throw it. I mean, don’t say anything. Sometimes this is good, especially good when it’s just gossip or hear-say. Sometimes, though, you gotta say something, so review number 1.

The correct combination of words and their meanings can, at times, be difficult to find. Especially if words aren’t your cup o’ tea, like me. So keep it simple, stupid. My grandpa would tell us kids this, it seems that even as youngsters he knew we would need this vital information growing up. It’s funny, I actually appreciate those words now because I realized I make everything I do difficult in some way, especially my communication with others. So, throw that boomerang correctly and keep it simple.

More on words later. Next I review the dictionary for correctness in definition and spelling errors.
Just kidding.


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