Verbal communication and it’s relation to metaphysics

There are words in existence that hold a certain strength to them, a strength that carries beyond the literal definition and maybe that strength is greater than we give it credit. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this or not, but it seems as though there’s a lot of energy in a verbal exchange of accusations, or a heated argument. A lot of deep energy, rooted in a quarrelsome spirit, that seems to fuel the argument. The energy of each person in the argument is flipped in one direction or another, like the same poles of a magnet are opposing each other. I am, in fact, talking about the other side of reality in our world, the metaphysical. The spiritual, paranormal, and otherwise. My argument: if we in fact have eternal souls (I believe we do) then we have a bond to the metaphysical world which is a world that goes beyond our lives (it has been around since the beginning of time and will, I believe, continue on until it is told to cease it’s existence) just like it has gone on beyond the lives of those before us and has not given any sign of slowing or stopping it’s existence. Since we have a bond to the metaphysical realm but live in the physical world then everything we say is conjured by our body (mouth, voice, etc), our mind (logical construction of sentences and ideas, etc), and finally our spirit which is part of our soul (but not made up of our soul) and is energized by our emotions (which we think about, but only to rationalize). Since our spirit helps decide what we want to say when we use words, and since it is connected to our soul it is possible, therefore, to affect the metaphysical world around us just by using words.

In the example of an argument, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone understands this, there is a certain negative and dark energy or weighted feeling while listening to the argument. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself “But that’s just guilt or anger or fear as a result of listening to negativity being used in conversation, surely nothing metaphysical about that.” Okay, that’s an understandable explanation, but those are rationalizations that are processed by our brains. We very rarely partake in a metaphysical experience together, but we have all had a few that we can remember. Maybe it was a spiritual connection that made part of the metaphysical world seem more tangible, maybe it was a romantic experience that seemed to meld bodies and souls together in something that we could only explain as “spiritual” or “out of this world”. Maybe some sort of vision like an angel or a ghost. There are other examples, but I’ll let you ruminate on it and make your own discoveries.


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