The Aeries in me

Brace yourself, you who has taken from me. You will not know the day that I will come for you. The day will turn dark when I come and you will be fraught with fear, you will walk aimlessly, searching for refuge. The ground will shake ceaselessly when my inner Aeries prepares for war and he will fight for blood, for justice, and for vengeance. I will let loose my dark energy and allow him freedom to do his will. There will be no remedy, no ceasing, no one will come to your aid, no one will allow you to call them “friend” for fear of their own life. Your iniquities will feed the inner Aeries hate and he will stop at nothing until you are destroyed, emptied of life.

Prepare your defenses because in due time your walls will come down and your city will be breached. I will call upon the earth and command her to give up your bulwarks and towers. The cornerstones you’ve laid into the ground, which have held up your halls that housed the parties and grand luxuries you’ve become accustomed to, will fail and your protection will be laid bare and powerless. Your guards will become senseless and have no strength to fight back, they will become sick with the lies you’ve spread through your body. The lies that you’ve held onto in hopes that you will one day be able to justify yourself. Whence the day arrives that the truth will be exposed; then on that day, your allies will flee and will forget that they had anything to do with you. They will run to the hills and seek refuge in the camps of the nearby forests and mountains, but they will run in vain. They will have no where to go, they will meet their end. Doom waits for them at the end of the cold night, at the end of my dark fury.

But as for you, I will reserve my anger. My rage. My vendetta. I will expel all my energies into removing any pleasure you’ve ever had. You will no longer be able to tell night from day, your senses will become grayed, you will no longer care for the luxuries that you once embellished upon yourself at my expense. Your only concern will be for your life which is what should have been your greatest concern since you met me.
Above all, I will return my son to my side. Your demands for gold are being ignored. A ransom will not be paid. Why waste the gold? You’ll soon be dead anyway.

ÆRIES’ letter of warning to the Ki’naer


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