The danger and power of words

Sometimes, I say things that hurt. I say things that I don’t mean, haven’t thought through or, after saying them, realized that it was unnecessary or completely stupid and wished I would have written it out first to see how it would sound to someone else. I guess that’s why I enjoy blogging so much, my ideas come across a little more clearly because I get to see what I’m saying before anyone reads a single word, giving me the opportunity to either agree or disagree with what I’m saying. This makes the recipient’s judgement and response much less stressful. Too often, however, I wish there was a rewind button in life. The ability to take back a moment or two, or hundreds, in my life would be monumental. But that would be, of course, way too easy. Also, impossible.

We all know the pain that misguided words have caused. We’ve all felt the terrible sting of a wound opened by words. Maybe someone was joking about something you take personally. Maybe someone very close said something that made you believe that they don’t care anymore. Maybe someone said something indirectly hurtful, but they knew how it would make you feel. There are so many scenarios that deal with words and the power they carry.

Dictators have used this power in the past, just as advertisers and politicians use words now: to control the masses by brainwashing. Don’t think brainwashing is possible? I’ll prove it to you! Right now I am conducting a test with you. You and you alone control what you believe. If I told you that elephants have purple toe nails you would tell me that they in fact do not. If I told you to not think about elephants with purple toe nails in apple trees….what then? Could you honestly tell me you did not have an image in your head about an elephant in a tree? That’s a simple form of manipulation and brain-washing. It’s real. There are other people that know the in’s and out’s of brain-washing and how to get you to believe you need a product (even when you really don’t) and why they need your vote (even if they know you wouldn’t give them your vote to begin with).

Negativity is another power used in conjunction with words to produce certain results. It’s a sinister procedure and a horrible practice. The multiple combinations of either negative or positive (but always at least one negative): idea, selection of words or body language makes a negative outcome. Sometimes for the better though. It’s complicated and my vocabulary can not define my ideas about it more.

I for one intend to try as much as possible to remove myself from negative talk; I’ve been a negative person for so long and it hasn’t done any good so far. So here’s to a more positive me. Anyone care to join me in talking more positive?


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