My adventures at a job fair

My buddy asked me to join him for a two hour drive to a job fair where he was interested in a few prospective opportunities. He picked me up, from my place, before the rooster crowed. 2 hours later, I find myself in a ritzy hotel for a broadcaster conference/job fair.
What am I doing here?
However, the air is electric with a hundred or so potential employers and employees. My buddy is doing well, even has an interview lined up. He’s excited. He had printed some examples of his work and built a portfolio to show and it was a winner! By the end of the day I find he is proper and assertive. He has the employers attention, scopes out what he wants, and dives in. Good job, sir.
However, the crowd seems to be just as focused, with a hopeful attitude, though you can see the desperation in the older man’s eyes. Some are young, some older, all here for the same thing.
Me? Try again. I would love to be in radio but I haven’t the voice.
A number of employers look at me as I browse the available pamphlets, pages of information, business cards and free trinkets; among the most interesting, a bouncing ball with the company’s corporate logo. Great for bouncing ideas around, I suppose.
My gaze catches a hand extended out in my direction followed by an introduction. Little did he know that I did not come to talk about a job. I have no experience, training or discipline of the necessary skills or traits necessary to complete the job at hand. After explaining my intentions our conversation died fast and hard.
But, improvise. Do not compromise.
So I used the time to start watching the people around me. I took notes on how their personal presentation impacted the employers first impressions. Some were obvious, some were subtle but all were noticeable.
Time runs short, friends. I’ll update later on what things I noticed.


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