A sound? What sound is that? That’s not the sound associated with this dream? I’m asleep and this is my dream, where is this sound coming from? Could a tow truck or other large tractor trailer type vehicle be backing up outside my window? Could my phone have reverted to some annoying ring tone I may have downloaded to annoy others? …no, this is much more annoying! What could it…

oh no

It’s my arch nemesis! Old Mr. Alarm Clock!

How did he find me here? How did I become prey to his evil plot? These questions and more race through my mind as the evil doer laughs. He has bound me and pulled me from my home, Dreamland. How did this happen? I thought I had him figured out. Am I becoming lazy? Have I lost my keen senses? What will happen to the world if I can not fight this demon?

He just stares at me with that big dumb grin on his crooked face. I reach for him but even as I grasp him he continues his melody of chuckles and giggles. I want to throw him at the wall, see all his insides spill out on the floor and throw them away. But…but I can’t. You see, we are locked in an eternal battle, Mr. Alarm Clock and I. Even if I did find a way to snare him, I could never bring him to his knees.

…to be continued



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