There’s a learning curve

Well, I knew my grammar was bad, but I didn’t know it was that bad. So, as an apology to all those out there reading any or all of these posts, I promise to try my hardest to learn better grammar skills this year; in fact, I believe I will make that one of my new year’s resolutions. So, look out run on sentences, misplaced commas, and semi-colons without propriety, I’m brushing up and buckling down on my English. Take note, words I’ve overused or assumed have meant something else, there’s a new cat in town and he’s writing more complete ideas with a mind for the reader.

I suppose, though, that has been my problem all along; I have forgotten about the reader. Obviously, I’m new to WordPress and we’ve just met, but I mean I’ve forgotten about the reader for years now. Oops! Maybe I ought to take a quick look through my resume? Well, that’s why I’m here, isn’t it? Not time to compromise, but to improvise…and sometimes improve! Maybe improvisation lends to improvement? I think I could believe that.

So, cheers to the properly groomed grammar elites out there in the writing world. Maybe, someday, I’ll be able to convey a message as fluently and eloquently as you and always remember to write with the reader in mind. Here’s to the improvisation, the improvement, and the perpetual motion forward…even if it means taking a step back to re-read everything before hitting the send button.


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