…and then there were 3

Well, it’s been about 7 months (5 or 6 to some people’s count) that I’ve housed and taken care of the kitten that (for the purposes of privacy) we’ll call Kitty but the time has come for him to explore his new home with his new owner. A friend whom I’ve known for a couple years asked me to house a kitten for her while she found a place of her own that would accept cats and, of course, she agreed she would pay for all the medical bills, kitty litter and cat food. But as these agreements usually go there is a high amount of risk of financial loss and property damage (cats chew and claw things) but the probability of financial loss increases when the vet bills go unpaid and the kitty litter needs to be changed…yesterday. But Kitty is in a new home now. So my girlfriend and I console our other cats as they start to cry and try to persuade us to reclaim Kitty.

Yin, whom I’ve had since November 1st of 2011, seemed to be the most distraught. He must have known what had happened. He walked around the house a bit and meowed, looking in Kitty’s favorite spots, hoping to find his friend. Kitty and Yin would play what seemed like an endless amount of hours. Jumping on top of one another, cleaning each other’s ears (yuck!!!) and of course curling up on the couch, burrowing in the blankets together on these cold Wisconsin days. After what must have been forever in his mind, Yin curled up on my lap as I sit on the couch and without a purr looked up at me with big, sad eyes. Feeling sad for the loss of his friend I could only say “It’s gonna be fine, boy” and start to pet him. He laid his head down and meowed softly, motionless.

Funny how we can personify a cat’s (or dog’s for that matter) feelings and become so connected to animals. Their emotions seem to be so real and raw that it’s unmistakable. Maybe because they don’t deal with the drama and politics of not hurting other people’s feelings? Maybe just because they are animals…

Whiskey, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind too much. He had only known Kitty for a little while, maybe a few months, if I remember correctly. He and Kitty did NOT get along, I DO remember that…oh boy. The drama! But as time usually has a way with things Kitty and Whiskey became great friends. But even after a wonderful bath given to Whiskey from Kitty I don’t believe the plump, long-haired black cat had too much to say to Kitty as he left. Well, I guess some animals do have drama…

I’m sure Pounce (my girlfriend’s 14 year old cat) was glad to see him go though. Not that she hated him or that Kitty had anything against her, though Kitty was a very curious cat and this annoyed Pounce to no end.

Kitty will be missed by everyone in the house…well, maybe not by Pounce. But I think I will miss him the most. You see he came from my family farm and had an excellent demeanor. I woke up early in  the mornings to feed, water, play with and clean him (he had a fecal problem that seemed to never end). But time has a way with things.


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